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  • The goal of the firm is to help independent financial advisers and other financial services firms, including fund management companies, improve their investment proposition by providing expert specialist advice.
    • We seek to deliver to Financial Advisers the benefits of an in house investment team at a fraction of the cost, which includes our proprietary fund research tool AlphaQuest.
    • These services include provision of fund panels and model portfolios linked to specific risk profiles as well oversight roles by sitting on adviser investment committees. We can also produce supporting literature, market commentaries and chart books tailored specifically for each client
    • For Fund Management groups we can advise on improving fund presentations and carrying out process due diligence on existing funds and new launches. 
    • Albemarle also has a joint venture, FundCalibre, with Chelsea Financial Services. FundCalibre is a D2C website providing fund information for retail investors as well as being a funds rating agency that uses Albemarle’s AlphaQuest quantitative screening tool as part of its ratings assessment process.
    • The partners of ASP have over 70 years of investment management and research experience.This experience includes the management of model portfolios, funds of funds, risk graded multi asset funds and private client portfolios alongside comprehensive due diligence, both qualitative and quantitative, on fund management investment processes.
    • The partners are well known and highly regarded within the investment community. They  have known each other for many years and are delighted by the opportunity to join forces and work alongside a select group of financial services firms. About us


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