Albemarle Market Commentary – March 1st 2017

This has not been a month to be in a “No Trumps” contact. Trumponomics, Trumpomania, Trump on Twitter; the headlines and the market moves have been relentless. As we write the Dow has had an unprecedented 12 day sequence of higher closing levels. The UK and European markets have followed suit, which of course you… Read More »

Albemarle Market Commentary – December 1st

It  has been déjà vu all over again! Despite the best efforts of the media and many other assorted pundits to persuade the American voter that the status quo was the only sensible option they have chosen to take the red pill. And as with the Brexit result, the fall out is following a familiar… Read More »

Albemarle Market Commentary – October 3rd 2016

The European banking crisis, which we dared to mention last month, has gained some traction, but still appears in stealth mode for many market participants, who continue to bid the markets onwards and upwards. The Fed has assisted, by failing, yet again, to come up with a convincing reason for not raising rates; again ignored… Read More »